Established in 2014, 3L Alliance has delivered over $1B worth of projects in Melbourne.

Established in 2014, 3L Alliance has delivered over $1B worth of projects in Melbourne.

Committed to the exceptional

At 3L Alliance, we’re committed to the delivery of distinctive, functional design, superior amenity, and the creation of authentic community connections.

We believe Melbourne is one of the world’s great cities, and has the capacity to benefit from dynamic, high density residential, mixed-use and greenfield developments.

Beyond the brick and mortar, we believe successful projects are defined by the legacy of a thriving community, where residents drawn from a range of backgrounds can establish their lives in a place where they feel comfortable and connected.

We approach every project with imagination and a vision to deliver exceptional outcomes through our experience, professional networks and our ability to effectively work with key stakeholders at all levels of government and local communities.

Our People

Our Melbourne based team provides a diverse range of experience and capabilities to unlock the full potential of every project, with expertise across Finance, Business, Legal, Construction, Sales and Marketing.

Mrs Baoyu Li
Managing Director

Supported by a multi-faceted team of talented professionals, Mrs Li is a key shareholder and Managing Director of 3L Alliance, engaged across all facets of the organisation.

In just under ten years of operation under Mrs Li’s guidance, 3L Alliance has established and delivered successful projects in both high density built form and greenfield sites.

At the heart of her approach is a belief and focus that every project delivered by 3L Alliance will contribute to the local economy and community, and provide a positive customer experience for occupants and purchasers for generations to come.

Paul Lin

As Co-Founder and Director of 3L Alliance, Paul Lin brings robust experience and insight drawn from over three decades in business and property.

With initiative, skill and experience gained across both local and international property markets, Paul has driven the strategic decision making behind 3L Alliance’s successfully delivered projects including Queen’s Place and Bridgefield.

Paul works closely with Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Baoyu Li on key strategic decision making across all of 3L Alliance’s key projects.

Michael Wang
Chief Financial Officer

Michael is a highly accomplished financial professional who brings to 3L Alliance many years of experience in both the property development, and the construction industry.

He is accredited with professional qualifications such as FCPA, Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Management. His commercial expertise and skills are well placed at 3L Alliance to steer the company in terms of business growth, cost effectiveness, profitability and strategic financial management. Michael has spent over 20 years in property and finance sectors and firms such as Bensons Property Group, Ubertas Group and Rucker DWC.

Niki Brown
Senior Development Manager

Niki, an experienced Development Manager, joined the 3L Alliance team in early 2021. Responsible for the delivery of Bridgefield Estate, a vibrant master planned community in Rockbank, Niki is also part of a 3L Alliance’s skilled team tasked with the complex planning of a 35 000sqm Town Centre, adjacent to Bridgefield.

Niki is a seasoned professional, with over 8 years of consulting experience, developed while working in the survey and project management fields. Niki understands the complexity of property, having worked for a range of leading developers including Lend Lease, Villawood and AVID to drive project outcomes by working effectively with a broad range of stakeholders and industry professionals.

Her strong industry reputation and extensive experience brings a range of benefits to the close-knit team at 3L Alliance.

Positive impact

3L Alliance’s philosophy is based on delivering the best outcomes to enrich the lives of all those who may live, work and visit our communities across Victoria.

Smart cities

The way we occupy our cities has changed dramatically over the past decade.

As our population increases and migration into outer suburbs becomes more attractive for many, 3L Alliance has committed to a smart city approach for our master-planned communities.

Working with local authorities, councils and community groups, we focus on supporting the health and connectivity of people who live in our projects by ensuring they have access to community services and resources, more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation, improved communication networks, optimization of energy consumption, water supply, crime detection and waste.


Social responsibility

3L Alliance is committed to supporting the community in which we live and operate. We work with local government to deliver projects that accommodate affordable housing options for the community, and encourage our team to contribute to volunteering work for various causes by providing paid leave.





As a prudent corporate citizen, 3L Alliance embeds Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities into strategic planning, capital allocation and stakeholder engagement. We intend to achieve the highest energy efficiency in our development projects to reduce our carbon footprint.



3L Alliance is proud to be a promoter of gender diversity, and our commitment to the appointment and promotion of women in our organisation starts at the top with Mrs Baoyu Li, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, and a successful entrepreneur in her own right .

3L Alliance now employs just under 20 people locally across sales, marketing, finance, administration and development – 50% of which are women and is committed to fostering a environment where all team members are encouraged to share their experience, viewpoints and ideas.

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