3L Alliance
is a property developer
unlike any other

For us, continuity is all important. 3L Alliance develops residential precincts of exceptional quality and amenity in key CBD and growth corridor locations, each complemented by location-appropriate retail and commercial tenancies.

We retain these retail and commercial assets for the long-term, curating the tenancies to deliver enduring benefit to the residential communities that grow and thrive around them.

Latest News

06 August 2020


• 零售空间:内部装修正在进行中,三联置业去年已与超市巨头签订协议入驻英皇广场商圈,预计超市将于未来12个月内开业;
• 地下室区域:整体基本完工,现正进行划线和储物区安装的工作;
• 公寓楼走廊:部分楼层的走廊装修也已完毕。设计师独具匠心,运用英皇广场Queens Place这几个字母不同排列组合勾勒出代表楼层的数字,电梯门一开数字即映入眼帘。
• 娱乐设施:健身房、游乐室以及私人用餐区等设施装修进行中;
• 28层公寓厨房、瓷砖和地毯作业正在进行;
• 公寓装修:SP1中的部分公寓已经完成内装修和瑕疵检查
• 公寓楼外部工程:外立面幕墙安装作业已经进展到38层。

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06 August 2020

Queens Place Construction Update-June 2020

As we approach the first settlements at Queens Place, construction is progressing at a rapid rate. Tower structure now reaches level 42 it is now one of the tallest apartment buildings in the city.
With over 460 people on site each day Multiplex have commenced final finishes in lobby areas, retail tenancies, ground floor landscaping areas and the several apartments. Other exciting work areas include:
• The retail space: where fit outs are underway with the supermarket expected to open in 12 months.
• The basement areas, which are almost complete as line marking and storage cages currently being installed.
• Apartment Corridor: the corridor fit out of some floors has also been completed. Designers ingeniously used the letters of ‘Queens Place’ to outline the numbers of floor levels; it comes into sights soon as the elevator door is opened.
• Amenity areas: such as the Gym, Games Room and Private dining areas are in the process of their fit-out.
• On level 28 apartment Kitchens, tiling and carpeting are in the process of being installed.
• Apartment Finishes: Some apartments in SP1 have completed interior decoration and defect inspection
• Externally, the façade panel installation has now reached level 38.

Stay tuned for our next update for more wonderful photos and videos about our show rooms.

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22 February 2016

Queens Place Tower One offers unique apartment living in Melbourne

A stunning display suite is now open for potential buyers interested in securing a presence at Queens Place, a one-of-a-kind development by 3L Alliance being marketed by Colliers International.

Tower One at Queens Place development, situated at Melbourne’s highest point at the verge of Flagstaff Hill, will be the first of two towers to be sold in this landmark project.

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