March 2023

A culture focussed on Gender Equality

3L Alliance is proud to be a promoter of gender equality, and our commitment to the appointment and promotion of women in our organisation starts at the top with Mrs Baoyu Li, a successful entrepreneur in her own right and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, of our organisation.

3L Alliance now employs just under 20 people locally across sales, marketing, finance, administration and development – 50% of which are women.

“I’m proud that we employ strong women in a range of leadership and support roles, not just because we want to tick a gender equality box, but because we’re committed to employing the best person for the job.” says Mrs Li.

She hopes to see gender equality continue not only in 3L, but throughout the property sector and believes more positive change lies ahead.

Mrs Li has mandated 3L Alliance’s talented executive team to continue to strengthen the 3L Alliance team through training, mentoring and further education.

“We invest heavily in our team, so we recruit for success, especially with our younger team members who have many years ahead of them to influence and make a positive impact in their property sector based roles.

Earlier this year, Liping Chong, 3L Alliance’s Senior Management Accountant was accepted into PCA’s 500 Women in Property program, and just last year, Senior Development Manager, Nikki Brown, also participated in the program that provides the benefits of mentoring, peer connections and formal events and workshops.

As the company continues to grow and attract a high calibre of talent, Mrs Li remains committed to creating a culture of gender equality and one where all team members are encouraged to share their viewpoints and ideas.

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