3L Alliance
is a property developer
unlike any other

For us, continuity is all important. 3L Alliance develops residential precincts of exceptional quality and amenity in key CBD and growth corridor locations, each complemented by location-appropriate retail and commercial tenancies.

We retain these retail and commercial assets for the long-term, curating the tenancies to deliver enduring benefit to the residential communities that grow and thrive around them.

Latest News

28 七月 2020


众志成城,齐心协力,三联置业和承建商Multiplex在疫情期间保持英皇广场施工的不中断。众所周知,英皇广场是由Tier 1顶级建筑商MPX承建的。Tier 1在澳大利亚是用来描述最高建筑品质承包商的专用术语,全国400多家承建商中只有6家获此殊荣,Multiplex就是其中之一。


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10 十一月 2016

Queens Place, Melbourne tower one secures 80 percent sellout

A $1 billion twin-tower vertical community is set for development in Melbourne, with Queens Place designed to create a ‘Melbourne within Melbourne’ according to developer 3L Alliance.

The development, 350 Queens Place on Flagstaff Hill, will even feature laneway shopping at ground level and a host of other services such as restaurants, private cinemas, a library, poker and mah jong room, a private garden terrace, karaoke suite, and even a cigar bar.

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